Who we are?

 Korean Fashion / Lifestyle brand Distribution vender in Asia market

We are aimimg to B2C retail specialized distriution that for the growth of both of brands and partners especially in China & korea market.

And we do retail fulfillment service within the scope of  logistics, distribution, production and fashion PR part with own team & program in china and korea.

Company history

  • 2021.01      (주)LF  HAZZYS singapore DT partner
  • 2021.01      KAILY trading platform open
  • 2020.12       AOC logistics open
  • 2020.08       (주)LF  JSNY, AT CORNER china online partner
  • 2020 .03      (주)LF  Allegri  China business partner
  • 2020 ~         Shopee - partnership
  • 2019  ~        Secoo  :  china luxury platform - partnership
  • 2019.12      Lotte deaprtment store - seoul store open
  • 2019 .08     K11 Shanghai popup store running
  • 2019  ~        Established

Company Structure

Agency Deaprtment

Brand retail agent & sales in Asia

Agency TEAM do not only for the B2C sales but also do focusing on PR and brand specialized sales distribution in Asia on-offline. Also promot the brand's business development and accerlate the brand to gain more sales on onl-offline channel through our specialized strategy & management program. 

Platform Department

B2BC Out-bound trading platform

based on Asia market

KAILY offers B2B sales connecting & trading service between brand and B2B buyer throught our KAILY mall & DB platform.  Meanwhile, we provide all processes of  export , distribution and PR as an integrated service to manage the sales. All process is transparently opened to brand with KAILY.

Fulfillment Department

B2B2C Export Specialized logistics

The AOC center is overseas cross docking  E-Commerce Specialized Logistics Center for client brand of Agency TEAM.

- Logistics management for china &Asia region

- Order and exporting management with KAILY

- CS service for overseas customers

- UNIPASS EDI registration for exporting

- Re packaging & examination for exporting