Code of Conduct

DECANT and our employees will do the following for the client company.

✔ We will fulfill my role and responsibility in representing the brand in the overseas market. 

DECANT plays a role in promoting Korea's promising brands overseas through our services and continuous communication with our customers to enhance the long-term growth and value of the brand. We and our employees will continue to have the necessary capabilities and expertise to advance the brand overseas. 

✔ We will consider the criteria and solutions for unexpected problems in the business process. 

DECANT will establish an internal deliberation process for possible problems arising from the brand's overseas expansion, monitor the possibility of conflict of interest problems at all times, and strive to prevent and minimize these possibilities. 

✔ We will continue to get to know our customers so that we can preserve and increase the value of the brand. 

DECANT will periodically check not only the external image of the client company and the brand, but also consider ways to achieve continuous growth and mid-to long-term corporate value. 

✔  We will communicate regularly about related activities and accept feedback. 

DECANT prepares and sends regular reports on the brand's overseas sales status and our follow-up activities, and internalizes them into the system to improve the efficiency of internal and external reporting and management tasks. Additionally, we will communicate and develop through business reports to customers regularly. 

✔  The employees of DECANT will have the capabilities and expertise necessary for an active and effective implementation.

DECANT is The first IT system based fulfillment vendor startup specializing in clothing-fashion products in Korea and has specialized expertise in the overseas business. Our executives and employees have gained expertise and networks in each relevant industry based on their experience in distribution, marketing, overseas PG, and consulting companies in Asia. Additionally, we are constantly trying to create an environment that is more convenient for brands than any other company by challenging the development of e-commerce logistics and foreign exchange brokerage pintech technology through overseas corporations. In the future, we will continue to support participation in job development programs so that we can maintain the necessary capabilities and expertise.

Updated on 01.01.2022

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