Who We Are.

Agency TEAM was established as a designers and brand management company in 2018.

We are composed of fashion brand agents and managers of  MD, sales, marketing, accounting,

and have a brand-specialized management team that integrates 

and do management for the growth of brand and company.

And we are connected specialized partners in distribution, production, promotion and fashion shows 

especially in Korean, China and Asia.

china retail fulfillment service
distribution in on-offline channel

Agency TEAM offers fulfillment sales service  at department stores in China and online platforms as like T-MALL and xiaohongshu. We provide all processes from import and export to sales to settlement as an integrated service. 

FASHION collaboration item production

With Company, Celebrity, Rappers and Idols in korea & china

Agency TEAM  is acting on behalf of the entire process of planning, designing, producing and selling fashion items through collaboration with  celebrities and stars in korean and china. In particular, in conjunction with YouTube and platform promotion, we offer integrated services that can become more sales. 


fashion show, vip opening, 

Agency TEAM plans, installs and promotes the brand event to help the brand gain attention online and offline through VIP parties and events that fit the brand's image and planning. 

Our Business Range.


offline - Online connected sales platform

Fulfillment sales agent service platform based on O2O Business  in korea & china

china RETAIL agent

Retail Full-Serviced agent & management

From contract to interior, warehousing, sales, overseas delivery and returns.


Brand Specialized Management

Offers solutions for all kinds of consultations ; for Fashion, Cosmetics and all kinds of Brands.


Agent of Shanghai & Seoul Fashion Week

Production & PR  &  VIP-Buyer RSVP

Models and Show directing

project development

City development & Manufacture module development

Offer solutions for Cities, culture projects

Making and Developing the community in society

PR & marketings

Agencies for various PR and events

 related to fashion and brands.

; VIP show, Opening Party, Pr evnets

and KOL - Influencer PR