Who we are?

We are brand's another trustful TEAM

for fashion business

We are aimimg to B2C retail specialized management 

that for the growth of both of brands and partners especially in China & korea market.

And we do retail fulfilment service within the scope of  logistics, distribution, production and fashion PR  part  

with own team & program in china and korea.


Brand retail agent & PR in china

Agency TEAM do not only for the B2C sales but also the brand focused PR and brand specialized sales  distribution in china on-offline. We promot the brand's business development and accerlate the brand to gain more sales on onl-offline channel through our specialized strategy & management program.


Distribution in on-offline channel

Agency TEAM offers fulfillment sales service  at department stores & online mall  to chinese & korean customers throught our TEAM STORE SEOUL platform.  During the sales, we provide all processes from import and export , distribution and PR as an integrated service to promote the sales. 

[online]  www.teamstoreseoul.com

[offline] LOTTE Department store - Myeongdong 4F


Professional production service

Agency TEAM  is acting on behalf of the entire process of  fashion collaboration and fashion production for brands and  celebrities  in korea & china. We are composed with over 10 years experienced PD and trained designer to control all process in stable.

Brand client

Company & Organization Relationship