We are aimimg to B2C retail specialized management 

that for the growth of both of brands and partners especially in China & Global market.

And we do retail fulfilment service within the scope of  logistics, distribution, production and fashion PR  part  

with own team & program in china and korea.

Agency TEAM

Brand retail agent & PR in Asia

Agency TEAM do not only for the B2C sales but also the brand focused PR and brand specialized sales  distribution in china on-offline. We promot the brand's business development and accerlate the brand to gain more sales on onl-offline channel through our specialized strategy & management program.

KAILY storage Platform 

Overseas On-offline Distribution Platform

KAILY offers fulfillment sales service  at department stores & online mall  to chinese & korean customers throught our KAILY mall & overseas platform.  During the sales, we provide all processes from import and export , distribution and PR as an integrated service to promote the sales. 

[online]  www.kailystorage.com

[offline] LOTTE Department store - Myeongdong 4F

Partners TEAM

Business Build-up in Aisa

Partner TEAM operates programs related to management, local partnerships to help the brand's  long-term growth in overseas markets.  

- Korea, Hk, Singapore, China Partners

- DT &  partnership with brands

Agency TEAM Business Calendar